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The private toyota landcruiser 200


Since 1999 I am owning a Toyota Land Cruiser 100, so far almost 370.000km on the odometer. I never experienced any kind of serious problems except one time a defective converter clutch (didn't open when vehicle stopped) and that was fixed under warranty.


This positive experience was the basis that I ordered the new V8 in November 2007 blind. At that time neither my dealer nor any other Toyota Rep had photos, but I got them from the net and collected information from various publications about the vehicle.


After the blind order I visited the Tokyo Motor Show and saw the new Land Cruiser as a petrol version. Later I got the opportunity to test drive this vehicle and I was amazed. The difference was, not only the V8 gasoline engine but also the 5-speed automatic gearbox, which was taken from the previous LC100 after the facelift in 2003.


The vehicle was fully loaded, just the way I ordered it (at that time, the option list was not yet published, not even the price was clear yet). Based on that optional list, I was expecting the vehicles of my dreams, nothing else to install.


Back in Europe I discovered some differences in the optional list. The soft front bumper protector was for example for me an important feature, but was not even listed in Europe. The search for this item finally took me to Toyota Bahrain and my dealer in Vienna was so kind to organize it for me, it required some minor modifications on the bumper to get it bolt.


But there have been surprises:

1) NO rear power socked for 12V. In Japan there was a 120V socket with an inbuilt power converter, same in the US, for Europe they simply forgot about it.

2) NO TV on Nav-Screen possible, for that I had to make serious modifications to get that working, thanks to Dominic at TVandNav2Go.com in New York

3) NO cooling box under the front armrest, for that there is no aftermarket solution available

4) NO KDSS, that is really a shame

5) NO Nav-Access while vehicle is in motion, was later fixed with a new Nav-Software for € 180,— after massive complaints to Toyota

6) NO DVD-watching while vehicle is in motion and handbrakes are set, that was fixed by myself with a special bypass module

7) NO mobile phone access while vehicle is in motion, no fix for that available

8) NO overhead rear seat entertainment system, only an horrible expensive after market “original” system from Toyota, that was fixed by myself in combination with a DVB-TV-tuner

9) No third row seat covers available, but now available as an aftermarket item.

10) The rear compartment roll cover cannot be used when the third row seats are folded up.

11) DRL function was programmed as full driving lights at all times, there is no deactivation possible via the OBD-socket, required a change of the engine ECU to get it turned off. This is now fixed with SALM DRL-Module working either on low beam or high beam lights matching either ECE87a or US-regulations

12) Tire Pressure Monitoring System not installed and not available as an optional, the symbol would exist on the instruments...


This is not a general critics of the Land Cruiser 200, it is a fantastic vehicle, very close to be perfect, perfect manufacturing quality but precisely this close perfection does not permit any room for stupid mistakes or false technical philosophy.


Especially the gearbox itself is a masterpiece of perfection, the engine is amazing.


But why did Toyota made these errors….