The private toyota landcruiser 200



Since February 2008 I was suggesting Toyota how improve the software of the automatic gearbox, lots of arguments from Toyota have been brought forward against my suggestions. It is now official, since beginning of May 2009 in Australia the new software was released, here are information about it:


Field Fix Procedure

Technical News Flash

Customer Info Sheet


ECON*LOCK is the solution for the converter lockup problem of the AB60F-Gearbox and its ECU.


Since June 2010 ECON*LOCK is controlling the first LC200 V8 Twin Turbo-Dieselīs torque converter lockup system. Toyota seems to be unable to fix the software mapping to improve the converter lockup activity in order to improve the drivability and the fuel economy of this vehicle.


ECON*LOCK changes the LC200 dramatically, from steam ship like heavy behavior to sports car. What a difference. No more power is been lost on the way from the engine to the gearbox.


The first LC200 passed 15.000km in perfection, even a DAKAR-2010-Landcruiser has been already successfully tested with ECON*LOCK.