The private toyota landcruiser 200


Test on a LC200-Dakar-2011 Race Car

V8, Chip tuned to 960Nm,

Dakar Class T2


It has been one of these unique chances, you get as a developer only once, maybe twice in your life and we have been invited to take this chance. Testing ECON*LOCK on an extreme powerful version of the LC200 Twin Turbo Diesel, been operated under extreme conditions without taking any responsibilities of possible damages on the drive train.


We knew, that the torque converter is able to deliver about 450Nm in locked up condition and we have been pretty sure, that 960Nm would be far too much. However, the owners of this Rally Monster insisted to have all safety locks of ECON*LOCK been deleted. We followed this demand, almost, some locks remained.


To make this story short: IT SURVIVED, NO DAMAGES

enjoy these photos:

There are several discussions about Chip-tuning the LC200-V8-TwinTurbo-Diesel to increase power and performance.

From the technical point of view, this is a waste of money. As long as you donīt get rid of the losses between engine and gearbox, a chip tuning will just increase radiation at the ATF-cooler.


ECON*LOCK not only improves the fuel economy of the LC200 but also increases the performance significant, it feels like another 100HP under the hood.

this side is plugged to

the gearbox

this is the EMERGENCY


the Controller Unit

power supply to IGN

this is to be connected to the OBD-socket

this is to be connected to the ECU-cable going to the gearbox