The private toyota landcruiser 200


The smart module to fix Toyota´s false engineered ECU-Software for the converter lockup-function



It has been a fight for two years with Toyota to convince the engineers of Toyota, that the Land cruiser 200, equipped with the V8-Twin-Turbo-Diesel and the gearbox AB60F requires a software update in order to improve performance and fuel efficiency. Unfortunately this fight we did not win, thanks to the outstanding level of ignorance and stubbornness of Toyota in this matter.


Consequently we had to search for a technical solution, which fixes these pending problems but don´t violate homologation specifications, this as an act of self defense.


The result is a small control box, which is wired to the gearbox (only the SLU-valve), to the OBD-socket and the power source (ignition).


How is ECON*LOCK working ?

ECON*LOCK reads all relevant parameters from the CAN-bus-system, such as acceleration pedal position, engine load factor, vehicle speed, gear shift lever position, actual gear in operation, gearbox mode switch position, brake pedal sensor and N1 and N2 of the gearbox.


ECON*LOCK synchronizes with the puls modulated DC-Signal from the ECU to the SLU-valve and adds the required modulated signal in order to enable partial or full converter lockup. A special designed electronic system permits this manipulation without triggering an error code on the ECU.


Once ECON*LOCK got activated by shifting the gear shift lever into S-Mode-6 after starting the engine, only once, ECON*LOCK will control the converter lockup activity in accordance to the vehicle parameters and will combine the signal for the converter lockup from the ECU as well as from ECON*LOCK.

In Auto-Mode the gearbox operates as usual, fully controlled by the ECU. Once the button “PWR” or “2nd” has been triggered, ECON*LOCK will turn off and the S-Mode can be operated as normal from the ECU only. A re-activation of ECON*LOCK can be done again at any time by shifting in S-Mode into 6th speed at once.


What are the benefits using ECON*LOCK ?

Converter full lockup in S-Mode-6 immediately once 6th speed gets activated

Converter full lockup in S-Mode-5          and 5th speed activated beginning at 70km/h

                                                                 and 4th speed activated beginning at 60km/h

                                                                 and 3rd speed activated beginning at 45km/h
                                                                 and 2nd speed activated beginning at 30km/h (opt)


Engine brake assistance with full lockup in S-Mode-5 down to 50km/h

                                                                 in S-Mode-4 down to 30km/h

                                                                 in S-Mode-3 down to 28km/h

                                                                 in S-Mode-2 down to 20km/h


What are the effects using ECON*LOCK ?

1) the fuel consumption at speeds between 60 and 100km/h dropped by almost 3 lits/100km (without AC in operation)

2) the over all fuel consumption dropped by 1,8 lits/100km

3) the fuel consumption at towing a heavy trailer (3t +) lowered by 30%

4) the vehicle´s performance changed from “heavy steam ship feeling” into a sports car behavior.


How difficult is it to get ECON*LOCK installed ?

The smartest way is the use of the original plugs and sockets at the gearbox connection to the ECU-harness. These connectors only cost about € 380,— but make the installation faster and smoother. Any experienced mechanic is able to get ECON*LOCK installed within one hour. Once connected to the ignition, OBD-Plug connected to the socket, ECON*LOCK is ready to be activated and will bring back fun and economical operation.


How much will ECON*LOCK cost ?

FIRST: ECON*LOCK is not a commercial product, it is a fix for a technical problem on this particular type of vehicle. Since Toyota seems not be very happy, that a “customer” had to fix a Toyota-problem, any installation of ECON*LOCK might lead to a loss of warranty.


SECOND: ECON*LOCK is improving the performance without increasing the engine power or its mapping. ECON*LOCK does NOT chip tune the vehicle. The installation of ECON*LOCK does not violate the homologation specifications. However, we cannot take over any kind of responsibilities. ECON*LOCK will be sold as a kit, although it is plug & drive ready.


THIRD: ECON*LOCK is a hand made high tech electronic controller with a sophisticated software. The average production time is about 4 weeks.


The manual about ECON*LOCK is available here: ECON*LOCK

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